Long Tail Real Estate Blog Marketing Plans Westchester New York
Long Tail Real Esate Blog Marketing Plans Westchester New York - The real estate industry has been somewhat slow to embrace the Long Tail theory. Blogs that are out there supporting the Long Tail are seeing great traffic numbers.
Define: Long Tail Marketing - Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine authored what may arguably be the most influential magazine articles of recent times, “The Long Tail” in 2004. In the cover story, Anderson explored the impact that better online searching and filtering was having on the sale of various products and services. He found that the Internet was now making it viable to earn a profit from items that were not the mainstays. That is to say that a product need not be a Top 100 item in inventory for a profit to be made.

Anderson concluded that niche products and niche markets that by themselves sell relatively few units, combined with comprise the majority of sales for many businesses.

The LongTail theory most assuredly applies to real estate. Way back in 2002, the National Association of Realtors in their “Web Wizard Report” said that blogs can be ideal tools for real estate agents as the astute blogger can attract readers interested in niche markets who may be interested in niche or narrow, focused subjects. With laser precision, an articulate blog can zero in on your target market better than any other medium that has been previously utilized by a real estate agent.

As we are now in an era wherein 80%+ of those interested in buying or selling real estate begin their journey on the Internet, the need for specific niche blog marketing is greater than ever.

Long Tail Blog Marketing - Once set up correctly your blog costs pennies per day and your reach is the world. Global marketing for cents per day. This form of long tail marketing beats postcards, magazine ads, newspaper ads, radio ads ..it even beats open houses!

Think Long Tail is going away…hardly. It’s just beginning. Seth Godin, the marketing genius says that we will be talking about the Long Tail for the next ten years. It’s simply that groundbreaking and innovative of a principle.

The consumer in this day and age wants to see ALL that is available. They don’t want to be spoon fed some kind of archaic pay per view listing. Utilizing a niche and narrowed blog subject matter, directed at a specific target audience, supported with the correct keywords and SEO, you will be soon harnessing the power of the Long Tail.

With over 1.3 million real estate agents nationally to choose from, give or take a few hundred thousand departees, how would a potential buyer or seller know that you are the one they need to call? You are the “expert” in your market. You believe real estate is local, would it not make sense to make sure any potential customer, from anywhere in the world, knew that about you?

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