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Sellers Agents Professionals ASR
Real estate listing professionals are finding out that today’s real estate sellers are demanding a higher level of professionalism and specialized services than ever before.

Home sellers are already demanding a higher level of professional service from their agents by placing an agent’s professional integrity and knowledge of the community as the two most important factors considered when choosing their agent. To meet this call from consumers, the new seller agency designation seeks to empower agents to deliver higher levels of expected services while gaining a competitive edge over other agents.

Accredited Seller Representative (ASR) - ASR training program provides:

• Differentiating between general and specialized marketing techniques
• Effectively choosing a market for specialization
• Employing personal branding strategies for the chosen market
• Point, click and print market analysis versus the in-depth comparative market analysis
• Preparing the seller for encountering the buyer’s agent
• Creating relationships with buyer agents in the market area to gain more favorable exposure of the seller’s property
• Negotiating strategies to more effectively position the seller in the negotiation process
• Effective use of pre-printed purchase and sale agreements to provide adequate protection for the seller
• Effectively managing the transaction from listing to closing
• Compensation differences of the “generalist” versus the specialist


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