Small Business Social Media Tips
By Zoe Eisenberg - If your business isn’t already implanting social media into your marketing plan, you are falling behind. With today’s consumers becoming more and more tech savvy, connecting via social media platforms is essential for business success. Here are a few simple tips:

Know Your Audience. It is important to understand your audience and potential customer base before venturing into social media. Who is your audience? What age group? What social media platform are they most active in? What are they looking for, and what can you provide them?

Know Your Goals. Knowing what you want—whether it’s increased sales, brand awareness, engagement or feedback—can help you better shape your social media strategy.

Know Your Competitors. What is the competition doing with social media? And more importantly, what are they NOT doing. Know the trends in your market so that you can beat out competition and stay ahead.

Stay Consistent. You want to be considered a valued, regular source of online content. If you start Tweeting, make sure you do it frequently so that consumers stay connected. Have a blog? Post regularly so your readers know they can depend on you for fresh, up-to-date content.


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