Lower Your Property Taxes
Danbury CT Real Estate - How to Lower Your Property Taxes - Home values are down, And they could drop again. Despite that, property taxes keep going up.

When it comes to tax / property assessments, each town is different. 1st stop by your local assessor’s office. Find out how they go about assessing properties, what forms you need to file and when the deadlines are for filing an appeal. You propably have less 60 days from the time your annual assessment was mailed to lodge your appeal.

While at the town hall get a copy of your property card, which contains the info the assessors used in determining your home’s assessed value via its square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms finished basement and garage.

You need to know what comparable homes have recently sold for. Comparable in terms of size, location, amenities and more. This is where Zillow comes in handy. Find at least 3-5 properties that are comparable to yours, and if you discover that yours is valued at least 5-10 percent higher, then you likely have a case.

If you have evidence that your home is over assessed, ask that it be re-assessed. Are there mistakes on your property card? Is your home classified as “comercial” even though it’s “residential”? Mistakes as these are very common. They can be corrected on the spot and you can avoid a formal hearing altogether.

If you think you have a legitimate case? Then file an appeal. While the rules for appeals vary from county to county, explain to the county board why you feel the evaluation is inaccurate. Support this claim with evidence (property cards and photos can be useful if comparing the condition of your home to others), and succinctly make your case.


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