What to know when buying FSBO
By Tara-Nicholle Nelson - Private sellers are "for sale by owner," or FSBO. It's very common for homeowners considering having a go at selling their homes.  It's much less common for a buyer to ask about the advisability of buying from an unrepresented seller, so your question presents a fabulous opportunity to clear some things up!
What is a Reverse Mortgage
What is a Reverse Mortgage - Reverse mortgages are relatively new products in the world of retirement income, and there's much confusion over how they work. In essence, here's what the national trade group, the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, says about them: "Reverse mortgages are available to seniors 62 years old and older with significant home equity. They are designed to enable elderly homeowners to borrow against the equity in their homes without having to make monthly payments as is required with a traditional 'forward' mortgage or home equity loan. Under a reverse mortgage, funds are advanced to the borrower and interest accrues, but the outstanding balance is not due until the last borrower leaves the home, sells or passes away. Borrowers may draw down funds as a lump sum at loan origination, establish a line of credit or request fixed monthly payments for as long as they continue to live in the home."
Real Estate SEO Websites SEM
By Real Estate Website provider Nick Lovegrove from www.limeyboy.com

Ask any real estate agent what they want their real estate website to be about and they will tell you that it has to reflect their track record, their successes, communicating their area knowledge and their expertise.

Mortgage Amount Cantidad
Deposit Payment El Deposito
Interest Rate Tasa de Interes
Number of Years - Los Años

Total Interest - Interes Total
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